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Double Edge Safety Razor Blades Sample Pack


Double Edge Safety Razor Blades Sample Pack 
Product ID: bld-sample

Double Edge Safety Razor Blades Sample Pack

Price: $19.95


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  • Description
Double edge razor blade sampler pack. We have brought together our most popular DE blades for you to sample. Men have different styles of razors, different beard types and different techniques and not all blades perform the same in various circumstances. The answer: try a variety to see what works best for you. It is best to use the same blade brand for about a week before trying a different brand. That way you will better know how a specific blade performs before jumping around to others. Any double edge blade will fit any double edge razor blades. (Not to be mistaken for the moustache razor and blades which are smaller)

FAQ. How long does a blade last? The reality is it depends upon your whisker type, how often you shave, how many passes you make with the razor and how much pressure used - among other variables. But the average I hear most often is 5 to 7 shaves. Once a blade becomes uncomfortable and starts to drag and pull it is time for a new blade. 

This eight brand sample pack includes:

Merkur 10-pack
Feather 5-pack
Big Ben 5-pack
Wilkinson Sword 5-pack
Super Max 5-pack
7 O'Clock Green 5-pack
Astra 5-pack
Crystal 10-pack

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great blades

genelle proctor - 5/21/2014

I brought these for my husband. I try to find these blades for 2 weeks, then I found this web site and they have all the name brand that you want, even ones that you can't find. They have a lot of variety of product that you thought you could never buy. I will be buying more from this company, and the price is great.


Roseboom - 10/27/2011

A sampling of all the major DE razor brands. Perfect for figuring out which is just right for you!

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