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History of Em's Place, Inc.

Em's Place, Inc. is happy to announce
that in 2012 we merged www.emsplace.com and www.shaveplace.com into one location at www.shaveplace.com.
You can read more about the journey below.

You can shop as a Guest if you prefer, create an account, or if you had an account prior to Nov. 2012, you will need to take a moment and create a new account because the databases weren't compatible. Thank you for your understanding.

Oct '12
Merge emsplace.com and shaveplace.com
If you read the June '10 post Em talked about why there was a need at that time for www.shaveplace.com.  Well, since Em is the webmaster and "worker bee", maintaining two shopping sites has become a bit daunting. Since the emsplace.com web site technology is now considered "legacy" (aka... "very old") she has migrated both sites to a new infrastructure.

Em has strived to maintain the look and feel of both sites, while looking for reliability in a shopping cart solution with features that will be more scalable going forward. The unfortunate aspect is the new database is not compatible with the old ones, and that means our existing customers will need to create a new account. People can shop as a guest, however to take advantage of all the whistles and bells, or to provide a product review, customers will need an account. Please take the time to sign-up...

Just like on the emsplace.com site, you can order from the multi-products page which provides a fast track for her regular customers and others for ordering when they don't need, or want, to drill down to the product detail page. When more information or larger photo/s is desired, simply click on the product picture, product name or the more info link in order to go to the detail page. The search function is also very handy, so take advantage of the feature to help find items in a hurry. In addition, she has the on-line catalog page similar to the one emsplace.com customers were use to using. Em hopes you will like the new site and ease of navigation.

August '12
Relocated back to the Lincoln City area, OR
Em has relocated back to the Lincoln City area because her other location proved to be a little too remote. As much as she loved living in a national forest and working in a small community, it was not the optimum for running a small business. she will miss the wilderness living and scenery, but now has more access to services that will benefit her customers.

June '11
Em's Brand Logo Registered


It's Official!

The US Patent and Trademark Office has registered Em's logo... She decided to use a stylized "M" with the word Em's for several reasons: Because a) She has been selling online since 1997, and "Em's" brand/font is recognized as being associated with the Em's Place, Inc. brand of quality and naturally based wet shaving products, b) When addressing "Em" personally, it sounds like the letter "M", and c) Since the business specializes in Men's wet shaving products the letter further relates to the "M"en's body care market...

June '10
New web site activated
With technology on the move and in order to offer more "bells and whistles" for Em's customers she has activated a new shopping site at www.shaveplace.com. Because the emsplace.com web site has high ranking in search engines, it will not be going anywhere anytime soon... However, Em hopes you will check out the new site and give it a try. Because of the major change to the database structure, existing emsplace.com customer accounts cannot be transferred over to that site. Please take a few moments to sign-up there when you are ready to shop. While product prices are the same and products offered are basically parallel, any new products will only be posted to the new web site. There may however be promotional discounts offered on one site or another that can differ. So check it out... Em hopes you like the new look and feel:-)
July-Sept '08
New location and business restructure
Em's main operations are now located on the central Oregon coast about an hour from our other location. She now has a larger facility to take care of customer orders and more room to grow. A major move always takes time, and getting use to finding where things are located can be a little disorienting... The other major change was incorporating the business on advice from her accountant. That too meant some restructuring and reorganizing. As of July, 2008, her company is now officially Em's Place, Inc.
Mar '07
New straight razor category added
the new straight razor page is online and provides information and a selection of DOVO brand straight razors, strops and related items.
Jan '07
Blog site activated
The blog was created to provide a dynamic way to post more frequent updates than what is intended for this "what's new" web page. For example, low inventory for popular items, new shipments to replenish out of stock items, shipment updates or general delay notices, product tips or usage ideas and information or other points that may be of interest - just to name a few...
Jan '07
New knowledge base (FAQ) and video web site launched at www.shaveinfo.com
Em now has a separate web site for all of the news, articles, information and video links for customer convenience. Please check it out because any news articles or helpful information will be posted there... www.shaveinfo.com
Jan '07
What's new page added
This page provides a reference for significant product additions or changes to the web site and any appropriate links for quick navigation. May also include other messages about our business or what's happening...


Pre '07  A look back at the history and main events that came before this "news" page was added to the site for events at www.emsplace.com


Qtr 3 '06
Unique to Em'sitems added
Em's has many unique designs, themes, arrangements or displays that are not found everywhere else. May be of special interest for collectors or people looking for something different. Many of our items are designed by artisans here in the US and noted on the web site.
Qtr 3 of '06
Em's Lathering Shave Cream created
This shaving cream provides an excellent, moisturizing lather for a close, comfortable shave. Comes in a men's line of essential oil scents or unscented. A naturally thin, pearlescent formula for use with a brush that comes in a handy convenience pump and available in three sizes - 2, 4, and 8 ounce. Gentle for sensitive skin and contains no colorants, synthetic fragrances or other harsh ingredients.
March '06
Upgraded www.emsplace.com web site and went live on new server
The web site underwent a total reconstruction from the technology aspect. We tried to keep the same look and feel based on positive customer comments throughout the years. There are a lot more shopping cart features and better account functions for returning customers.
Qtr 3 of '05
Soap stone bowls and mugs added

Items are custom made for Em's company and provides something unique and different. They are heavy weight and no two are exactly alike. They come in several different color tones and designs. Additional styles were added in '06.

Qtr 2 of '05
Colognes by Em created
Many of our regular customers that like our pure essential oil scents had been asking for something more powerful to complement the toiletries line. We'll Em listened and developed her naturally scented colognes patterned after the popular toiletry scents. They are enhanced with additional essences for a rich, longer lasting and more powerful aroma than the basic blends used in the regular toiletries.
Qtr 1 of '05
Trumper and Simpson brands added
Em's Place adds Geo. F. Trumper and Simpsons products from England. After the NBC Today Show segment aired, there became more of an awareness for English products.
Jan '05
Corey Greenburg's article and segment on the NBC Today Show affects business
The last Sunday in January of '05, Corey Greenburg, Tech Editor for the NBC Today Show, did an article and TV segment about wet shaving that hit the air waves. That show caused an immediate impact and increase in business. It was like being placed back into the holiday selling season, but without the inventory buildup. Em was placing emergency orders with our international vendors to meet the demand. Further, with Corey's focus on the double edge razor, even the main manufacturer she worked with, Merkur/Dovo, ran out of stock for many items. This was not just something her company experienced - it had an impact on all the wet shaving merchants she knew about here in the states, as well as for many product makers worldwide. This national exposure to traditional wet shaving with a brush and double edge razor escalated the desire to try a different shaving technique and exposed a whole new generation to a more traditional shave by making lather with a shaving brush.
Em's Place looks for additional product sources and continues to expand selections
These years provided the most significant growth. Em started to work with additional brush makers for private label under her company and expand sources for razors, sets, accessories and all types of items to enhance the male shaving experience with an eye for items that could not be found everywhere else. Many of the sets are custom configurations by Em based on the diverse inventory on hand. Most of the wet shaving products during this time came from Germany and Italy.
Qtr 3 of '03
Double edge razors from Merkur added
Double edge razors and sets from Merker/Dovo in Germany were added to the site in order to have an additional type of razor that was different and not readily available in the US market anymore. The most popular razor cartridge at that time was the Mach3™ blade by GilletteĀ®.
Qtr 4 of '99
Men's toiletries section expands
The men's toiletries section expands from glycerin shaving rounds to include Em's private label brand of men's toiletries using pure essential oil blends for aroma and skin care benefits. Several new male scents were added to the selections.
Qtr 3 of '99
Em's Glycerin Shaving Rounds added
Em's proprietary blends of essential oil aromas for men were used to create the glycerin shaving rounds. These glycerin soap rounds are for use with a shaving brush to create lather. Provides a slick, close shave and caters to sensitive skin. Contains natural ingredients and is fortified with extra glycerin.
Em's Place looks for men's wet shaving product sources and expands the men's section
In a scurry to find more men's wet shaving products, Em found a major supplier for brushes and wet shaving items in Germany to enhance the limited selection that the web site started out with. At that time the catalogs and ordering information were in German, so Em had to fast track learning some basic German terminology in order to understand what was being ordered and how to do business internationally.
Fall of 1997
Em's Place launches web site www.emsplace.com
After working on the infrastructure for a year and a half, the Em's Place web site went "live". This was at a time when e-commerce was just starting to be talked about, and Em wasn't sure just how well the business would do as a web site portal for shopping. What started out as a pressed flower art sideline quickly turned into a men's wet shaving business. When the web site launched she only offered a limited supply of men's wet shaving items in the body care accessories section.


A special "Thank You" to all of our customers throughout the years! Em

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Evolution of Razors

Men's wet shaving with a brush, not just for past generations but an evolving trend, Em

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