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Product ID: so-wds
Botanical Bath Bar - Woodstock
This soap caters to sandalwood and patchouli lovers! Wonderful spicy, woody-earth aroma. Includes Wheat Germ and Vitamin E, with Sandalwood and Patchouli essential oils. Marbled with Ginger, Ginseng and Cinnamon. 3.5 oz. hand cut bars. More Info
Price: $5.95

Product ID: so-frl
Botanical Bath Bar - French Lace Gardenia
Delightful, uplifting and timeless. This elegant soap is marbled with snow-white French clay. Mild and gentle with extra Olive oil. White-on-white marble - creamy and rich. 3.5 oz. hand cut bars. One available. More Info
Price: $5.95

Product ID: so-gtl
Botanical Bath Bar - Green Tea & Lime
This Green Tea and Ginseng soap is mineral and nutrient rich, the utmost natural scrubber. Includes Green Tea, Ginseng, Seaweed, Irish Sea Moss, Oat Bran, Comfrey and Lime Peel. 3.5 oz. hand cut bars. More Info
Price: $5.95

Product ID: so-lacm
Botanical Bath Bar - Lavender and Comfrey
Wonderful and purifying soap with powdered comfrey root and essential oils. 3.5 oz. hand cut bars. More Info
Price: $5.95

Product ID: so-tan
Botanical Bath Bar - Tangerine
Upbeat scent of natural citrus includes olive oil and tangerine essential oil for a cleansing and zesty experience. Scent is similar to orange. 3.5 oz. hand cut bars. More Info
Price: $5.95


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